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Kitchen tips that will save you money: What is stopping you from trying them?

As the days come and go we all devise new and interesting tips and tricks to make life easier while trying to save a little money at the same time. Over time these little things become routine and you do them automatically.

Money saving tips for the kitchen chef to try!

New couples or teenagers who are getting their first apartments may not be aware of what you have been doing in the house and wonder how they can be more frugal. They also call up and ask dozens of questions on how to control this or how to clean that. Now you can give them some of those tips that they can pass on one day too.

Simple little tricks you can use daily:

Plastic containers no matter what brand is purchased will inevitably stain from tomato sauces. An easy way to prevent the discoloration on the plastic is to spray them lightly before adding in the sauce and when that container is washed there won’t be any stains left behind. Now remember not to microwave that container with the sauce in it because this sometimes can defeat the purpose of the nonstick cooking spray and leave a slight stain behind on the container.

Celery isn’t a food that is used in cooking as much as potatoes and onions. This crispy vegetable can last a long time in the refrigerator if you aren’t snacking upon it nightly but will soon start to turn and get soft. To get the most from your money and make the celery last longer is to remove it from the plastic bag it comes in and place it in aluminum foil and wrap it well. It will now keep in the refrigerator for weeks and look, feel and taste like it was just purchased.

One way to bring out the natural sweetness in corn on the cob is by adding a pinch of sugar to the water when it boils. This will make corn on the cob taste just like it did if you picked it off the stalk yourself.

Save some money while working in the kitchen is to cut S.O.S. or Brillo pads in half with a pair of scissors. Nine times out of ten when you reach for a stainless steel scouring pad you really only need half of one. Then you squeeze out the water and set it aside. Many times that pad isn’t needed for days and can start to get rusty and no longer usable. So instead of tossing them out only use half you will save money and at the same time be sharpening your kitchen shears at the same time. Remember to clean those scissors before using them on any food items.

Sometimes it’s the little things that help the most!

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