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KItchen remodeling tips for better efficiency

Thinking of remodeling the kitchen? (lucky you!)
Here’s a few tips and ideas to consider from Consumer Reports:

Remodeling the kitchen by getty images

Tailor the remodeling to your own or your family’s basic needs and routines. For example, according to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, kitchen walkways should be at least 36 inches wide. “But for a very busy family, consider 42 or even 48 inches wide to enable people to move freely”, says Paula Kennedy, a certified master kitchen and bath designer.

In the kitchen, the basic “work triangle” consists of sink, fridge and cook top. But if there’s two cooks in the household, consider a second triangle-perhaps an island counter with a prep sink-if affordable).

Storage is another key design factor. Do you usually buy in bulk? Consider a walk-in pantry or an oversized wall cabinet that’s at least 36 inches wide and 24 inches deep. Do you shop everyday or every other day? Your pantry needs will be less; you can also manage with a smaller refrigerator.

Countertops and Flooring

Quartz countertops are becoming almost as popular as granite ones, partly because they don’t require periodic sealing.

Want a fingerprint-free, smudge-resistant finish? Opt for slate.

Vinyl flooring holds up best against dents and scratches (the latest designs actually mimic natural materials).

Love real wood? Go for a factory finish; it’ll last the longest.

Containing Clutter

If possible, create a spot just off the kitchen or along an adjoining wall for any mail, schoolwork or important papers to keep counters clear (some things, such as artwork, can be posted on the fridge!). If affordable, invest in a paper shredder (do you have an incinerator near your stove? If you do, just take the letter or document (if you don't need to save it and you’re totally finished with it)-and set it on fire using one of the burners. Don’t hurt yourself; you’re not fully burning entirely on the stove. Just go for a corner or end section. When it starts burning or a-flaming, that’s when you toss the entire document down the incinerator. The rest will take care of itself.)

Never, ever buy something new for the kitchen unless you know exactly where to put it and what you'll use it for (and if it will be frequently used).

Did You Know That.....

The kitchen is the second most-requested area for decluttering help? A home office or den ranks first; closets are third and the master bedroom ranks fourth.

Sources: “Saving some time in the kitchen”-From Consumer Reports-The (Sunday) Vindicator, February 9, 2014 and "Ready, set, get organized"-McClatchy Newspapers-The (Sunday) Vindicator, January 12, 2014

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