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Kitchen prep is easier with Kuhn Rikon Hold, Peel and Pop

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When it comes to preparing a delicious meal, the mise en place, or kitchen prep, is the foundation to the perfect dish. Whether the recipe calls for dicing or chopping, each task should be completed before the ingredients hit the pan.

When it comes to kitchen prep, peeling the fruits and vegetables can be a slippery, mess.The Kuhn Rikon Hold, Peel and Pop is a kitchen tool that simplifies the prep process. This simple, yet ingenious tool does the following.

  • Holds fruits and vegetables securely while fingers are kept at a safe distance
  • Once done, push handle forward to release prongs from food
  • Fun, compact shape for easy storage
  • Dish Washer Safe
  • Hand wash and air dry recommended

The Kuhn Rikon Hold, Peel and Pop works quite well with potatoes. Removing the skin can be a mess. With this kitchen tool, there is no losing a grip. The item to be peeled is held securely and keeps fingers away from sharp peelers and knives. It quickens the prep time.

The Kuhn Rikon Hold, Peel and Pop retails for approximately $8. I can be purchased a kitchen stores or online.