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'Kitchen Nightmares' spoilers: Amy's Baking Company returns for help from Gordon

Gordon Ramsay
Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

"Kitchen Nightmares" is coming back for season six and new spoilers are out. On Jan. 30, Wet Paint shared the news that the premiere might be full of drama. Amy's Baking Company will be coming back again to see if Gordon Ramsay can help them out.

They were on the show back in May of 2013 and it went viral. Gordon didn't like the way they ran their business and neither did the rest of the world. People were all over the Internet talking about this company and the way they handle things. They even ended up on the list of the worst businesses of 2013. Rumors were out that they took their servers tips and even made them work with no breaks, but of course they denied those.

Amy's Baking Company is still a struggling business and all of the bad press didn't help. Now Gordon Ramsey is returning on the "Kitchen Nightmares" season six premiere on February 28. It will be worth the ratings. The first time he was on the show is the only time Gordon has ever not been able to help a business.

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