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‘Kitchen Nightmares’ season 6, episode 3 spoilers: Gordon Ramsay visits Arvada

Gordon Ramsay
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Episode 3 of “Kitchen Nightmares” follows Gordon Ramsay as he visits the Old Neighborhood restaurant in Colorado. The Lexington Herald Leader reports on Thursday that the chef will discover the Arvada restaurant needs extensive improvements. Ramsay has been traveling across Colorado as he helps owners fix their menus, services, attitudes and decorations.

The Old Neighborhood restaurant is owned by a husband and wife team who worked in it as college students. However, Ramsay quickly finds something is wrong with the dining experience, and the show labels it as one of the dirtiest restaurants he has ever encountered. A preview video of the episode reveals that the chef is shocked to find dirt, garbage and dust under the cushions.

Ramsay notes the Arvada restaurant has rat droppings while the owner keeps his dirty shoes in the dining room. The chef also finds problems in the kitchen and does not hesitate to yell at the owners about the state of their property. He warns them about cross-contamination in the kitchen and tries to correct their mistakes before someone gets hurt.

During the episode, Ramsay admits he is not certain about the direction the Old Neighborhood restaurant should take because both the kitchen and dining room need help. The chef must find a way to help the struggling business in Colorado, but it is not an easy task. However, fans of “Kitchen Nightmares” have seen bigger issues appear in the previous six seasons, so it is not surprising that the chef eventually restores both the dining room and kitchen.

The next stop for “Kitchen Nightmares” is Arvada, but Ramsay is not ready to leave Colorado. He will be back for another episode in Woodland Park as he tackles a new restaurant that needs his help. Ramsay’s sixth season on the show still gives viewers the chance to be shocked at the state of some dining establishments.

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