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Kitchen counter top crunch?

Clean, clear kitchen counter tops spell "relaxing style"
Clean, clear kitchen counter tops spell "relaxing style"
Courtesy of the Cork flooring industry

Kitchen counter top lost under clutter? Clean for more usable space and a better look.

Kitchens get cluttered. You are in there every day preparing meals, unloading groceries, getting snacks—does the counter have glue on it because everything sticks there?

" Kitchen counter top lost under clutter?"

If you look closely at designer photographs of kitchens, they will be beyond spare, and spacious-looking. What’s taking up that precious space you need for meal prep? Do your counter top appliances sprawl? In your mail piled there? Kids after-school papers?

Let’s go through some steps to clean and clear it.

Try this:
1. Remove everything from your counter top. Use this opportunity after things are gone to thoroughly clean and polish your counter.

2. Two types of items can return to begin: small appliances you use daily, and decorative items you really love.

3. Since you will have a pile of objects planted on your kitchen table, now is the time to sort. Three questions with frame your choice of what to do: 1.) Have I used this item in the past month? 2.) Is this item unique to the kitchen? 3.) Do I need or want to keep this and why?

4. Donate or trash the items you no longer want. Take the items that are not unique to the kitchen and put them elsewhere (many things migrate from room to room). For the appliances you don’t use that often, find a storage solution for them whether that is a cupboard, baker’s rack or shelf in a closet.

5. Your toaster, single-cup coffee maker or every day juicer are your daily must-haves and probably can live out in the open.

6. Items such as a waffle maker, food processor, electric fry pan or mixer—the once a month stuff—can be tucked into its hiding spot.

7. Keep one drawer as a kind of “junk” drawer; a catch-all for paper, gadgets, cords and batteries and the like. Resolve to clean this drawer at least once a month, to keep down its overflow.

When you see the results of your efforts, the kitchen will look cleaner and more inviting and you’ll have more work room space for what you really need to do. Your kitchen will actually be more efficient.

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