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Kitchen Care: Recipe for Disaster

Try this experiment as an earthquake drill:

1. Walk into your kitchen and go to the cupboards where you keep the glasses. Now take a look where you keep the dishes.

2. Pretend a 6.0 earthquake has just hit.

3. Drop, cover and hold on underneath a table or desk.

4. Listen while the earth shakes: The crashing of dishes, plates and glasses being emptied all around you, ricochetting off the floor and even pelting you. Even the rumbling and shaking are drowned out by the sound of shattering glass and breaking objects.

The sounds of crashing glass can be more frightening than the rumbling and shaking, especially to children sleeping upstairs at night. This is why preparing your kitchen cupboards can reduce the psychological impact of an earthquake, not to mention the physical safety.

There are many ways to reduce this impact. To get you started, any one of these three can help:

  • Invest in cupboard latches and have them installed properly.
  • Invest in plastic glasses and dishes.
  • Relocate glass to ground zero locations in the kitchen, the cupboards lowest to the floor.

By tonight, most of us could relocate some of the glassware just to get started. And while you're at it, storing a pair of shoes in the kitchen can help anyone caught barefoot during a quake.

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