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Kissinger Saved & Made the Modern World

Kissinger and Oil Saved the Modern World.

Kissinger, oil and banks; These bad-boys of conspiracy appear to have been the basis to the whole of the modern world and every country involved in that process. This story starts much earlier, but we pick-up from when Nixon took us off the gold standard and Kissinger put us on the Petro-dollar.

There was an initial price spike after Pres. Nixon dropped our gold-back dollars. That inflation shifted as we transitioned into the ‘petro dollar.’ There was a whole lot more oil then gold and so the USA could print up a whole lot more money without the same inflation we would see of gold backed currency. There was always a new oil supply to back our latest wave of US dollars. Nor was Gold consumed in such massive amounts like we see of oil.

Oil has this intensive demand from every country that consumed millions of barrels each year. This created far more demand and urgency for oil then ever possible with gold. This global oil consumption off-set the dollar's hyper-Inflation.

This was further multiplied by demands for these dollars as the currency of international trade. Thank Henry Kissinger for that. OPEC agreed to trade exclusively in US dollars. The Petro-dollar bought America trillions beyond our own economic outputs.

Put simply: The petro-dollar of the ‘big bad’ banks and oil cartels was the basis of American prosperity of this last Century.

This gives us a different context to the role of oil that otherwise portrayed 'THEM 'as living off the good graces of the country rather then 'WE' living off them. America's oil companies created the market for oil. US oil companies then cashed-in upon that demand. They did do so first through sales and then again as the foundation to our Petro-dollar system as used by the world over. This benefited the world as well as the US.

This Petro-dollar served as the basis for all other paper currencies of the world. Suddenly, all other countries could also print far beyond their own gold-reserves. The currency of these other countries was now based upon an ever expanding trade with the USA and the broader interface won by our Petro-dollar.

This supplied 'Third World' countries' with hundreds of billions in added currency value now issued against their USA trade. These countries developed based upon US biz –all possible from the oil reserves that the dollar was printed upon.

Oil 'not only' gave the US a gold-like backing, but it also served as the conduit for all other paper currencies that were tapping these same oil values - via the dollar. Yes, America went into other countries for oil, but the value they took in oil was based upon the added value the US created for that oil. That value did not exist before America created this market. The USA did not leave those countries with less by taking their oil, but provided a whole new platform of wealth via the dollar’s oil backed money along with the larger value for the country’s oil reserve.

America gave them this double value, first with the US dollar against the country’s own currency and then a top the new found oil value the US was buying and selling for and from them – starting at 10 times oils original price.

This banking and oil cabal did more then give us history’s cheapest energy source for decades. That in of itself was the foundation of the modern world. They also gave us history’s greatest ‘backed’ commodity for our own currency. Oil WAS so much better then gold.

Oil was a major factor of our superpower status and ended up becoming the basis of all the worlds modern economy for the whole of the 20th Century. If true, Kissinger remains one of the Century's greatest unsung heroes for having created more wealth for more people then all other wealth of history. I'm sure Kissinger would find such things understated.

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