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Kissing Adelson's ring

At National Catholic Reporter, Michael Sean Winters reports on the Adelson primary where Shelly Adelson held court for Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, John Kasich and Scott Walker and makes comments on both Israel and campaign finance. You can read them at

My comments are below:

Shelly Adelson at least gives his money openly. I wish the Koch Bros. were so transparent. I am surprised that Jeb went out there for a different reason - it looks like he is running. As for Israel, probably the best thing for her would be a President who will make it face reality - both demographically and spiritually. It can be Zion or it can be western. It cannot be both. Speaking of demographics, the GOP candidate has no shot in 2016 anyway. What you see here are the sacraficial victims who want their footnote in the history books. Hillary will win, or maybe Joe.

As for the money thing, I have long written that candidates for presidential nomination should be selected by candidates for Congress - with each candidate for congressional nomination declaring who they support. Each candidate would receive an equal amount of campaign funds provided either from the public or a blind trust of donors (no one can take credit) provided that candidate gets a 15% share of supporters at a district-wide or state-wide caucus. If there are two candidates supporting the same presidential candidate there will also be a caucus vote among supporters of that presidential candidate.

Will this be perfect? No. Personal loyalties within the party may make the result a fairly sure thing - but not necessesarily. Indeed, an insurgent presidential candidate may very well shake up his or her party's congressional delegation. Not sure that is a bad idea.

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