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Kissing A Perfect Stranger

Let’s play the memory game; do you remember a first date? You finished dinner, watched not to consume anything with too much garlic or onions. Nothing that will make you burp.

First Kiss by Tatia Pllieva
WREN Productions, Tatia PIlieva, First Kiss, Strangers, Music

Perhaps you saw a movie and tried, awkwardly, to hold hands when you both moved for the popcorn or put your hand on the arm rest. You feel the warmth of the other hand and wonder how they hug.

You both think of coffee so you can sit and talk more and you manage to squeeze in a hug and being in someone’s arms feels amazing. It literally takes your breath away.

You end up at an all-night café to keep the conversation going, because you just can’t seem to run out of topics to talk about. Every new topic is funnier, more intense and interesting.

Over coffee there are silly giggles, light taps on the arm, and long glances with very comfortable silences. You can sense the energy moving back and forward like a laboratory experiment.

Finally after, what seems, like the longest date ever, you make it back to the parking lot to get in each other’s car, and everything around you gets silent and disappears.

You say ‘good-bye’ about 20 times, the live version of ‘you hang up first’. You hold hands and you hug again and you look at each other’s eyes so close that you can see his soul.

You lick your lips and wished you had put on Chapstick while you were walking because now it would just be too obvious and awkward. Just a quick lick so it doesn’t look cheesy.

But you know that ‘The Lick’ is just the invitation that was needed to go for it. You both lean in as you hold hands and you can smell the coffee in the space between you two.

Your lips connect and you feel the electric shock run all the way to your toes. Your knees buckle a bit and you hold on to each other for support not sure who’s holding who up.

Then the sparks fly, see sparks don’t always fly right away, sometimes it takes a minute for everything to fall into place, then the fireworks are set off and nothing can hold you back.

So you have your first kiss and if it’s magic, real magic, a small tear will form and your lips will quiver. Butterflies and bubbles fill up your stomach and you believe you are going to fly off.

But your feet feel so heavy that you can’t even move. You feel like you have melted into each other and you feel warm and cold all at once. Small and tall, invincible and vulnerable.

You pull apart long enough to catch your breath and realize that you are still in the parking lot and time stood still or moved really fast or you really don’t know what’s going on.

But what you know is that for now, today, this moment, you have met the person that has reminded you that you are a living, breathing, sexual person with needs.

Right now, you need this person that merely gave you the most amazing kiss.

Now go watch the video I've attached to see how 20 folks handle kissing a perfect stranger for the first time.

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