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KiSSFLOW - The Lightweight BPM Tool for SMBs

Running and operating a business is no easy feat. It requires proper organization and streamlined workflow to make it beneficial and effective. The Google Apps ecosystem is huge and provides applications for every possible purpose and the same is applicable in the case of workflow management. KiSSFLOW is an application that has been designed to aid a business in creating workflows and operating smoothly. This application is the perfect choice when a business was to eliminate the chaos created by numerous cumbersome processes in their organization and turn them into a proper workflow.

This particular software is ideal tool when a business wishes to automate the internal business processes as well as the approval requests that are made in its various departments including Purchase, Administration, Finance and Human Resource. While there are lots of such applications and software claiming to help businesses, KiSSFLOW is different in the way that it promotes deep integrations with the applications that are part of the Google App Suite. This feature can assist in removing a lot of redundant work that would have otherwise been performed by the Google Apps admins and eradicates or reduces the chances of inconsistencies.

Management of groups created in the Google Apps domain also becomes simpler with KiSSFLOW there is no need to come up with a new username and password. This simplicity of the software is regarded as one of the most striking features of KiSSFLOW. It is considered as a solution for all those businesses that are looking to empower their business users and enable them to automate their procedures on a Self Service Basis. This is one of the primary reasons why this application has received number one rating in the Google Apps Marketplace and the reviews and feedback provided has also been positive, leading to its substantial popularity.

KiSSFLOW can be used very easily as only five steps are needed for building the workflows. The first thing that needs to be done is naming the workflow and then the form has to be designed. A number of UI widgets are supported by the form, including date, text, sections, tables, drop down choices amongst others. Optional and mandatory fields can also be defined, along with the approvals needed for the process. Template processes are already inherent in the application for the finance and human resources department.

Apart from these features, the application has a sophisticated security system and there is also an access control capability that makes fine grained permissions possible. During the workflow, it is also possible to attach documents. The beauty of KiSSFLOW is that it enables business to configure even the most difficult of applications within minutes while it would have taken hours otherwise. Various details have also been included in KiSSFLOW such as workflow customizations and security permissions through which a business has the option of designing unique and customized processes.

Small businesses can also take advantage of KiSSFLOW as there is a free version of this applicable available, along with two premium versions targeting enterprise firms and businesses.

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