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KISS to perform with original members at Hall of Fame induction ceremony

Gene Simmons talks to Rock Hall director Richard Wad via Skype
Denizens of d'Internet

In a massive about-face, KISS is now planning to perform with the original lineup at their April 10 Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Word of this stunning reversal came during a Skype conference call between KISS bassist Gene Simmons and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame director Richard Wad.

Industry veteran and Hair Club For Men advocate Matt Pinfield hinted at this when he appeared on San Francisco Bay Area radio station KNBR 680 last week. "The original KISS lineup will perform at their Rock Hall induction...oops, maybe I wasn't supposed to say that," said Pinfield, accidentally.

While on the conference call, Simmons said, "This is a great moment in the KISStory of KISS. we have come to an agreement with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We will perform with the original KISS lineup, in makeup, in exchange for the Hall opening up a KISS-only merchandise store. In this store, visitors to the Hall will be able to purchase KISS coffins, KISS condoms, books about KISS, life-size Gene Simmons dolls, and so much more."

It was also announced that comedian Craig Gass, famous for his spot-on imitation of Gene Simmons, has been tabbed to introduce the band.

Vinnie Vincent, Mark St. John, and the surviving members of Mini KISS could not be reached for comment.

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