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Kiss fading color goodbye

Getting your hair colored professionally is always recommended however it can get pretty expensive depending on what vision you are trying to create. Then you go home and wash it with the inexpensive shampoo from the grocery store and you watch your money and hair color hold hands while they twirl around and down the drain. If you've ever had your hair colorist put in the fun, funky colors that require pre-lightening the hair, then you know that these colors bleed out faster then if you cut a major artery! Leaving you with the strangest tones you have ever seen before, and requiring much more maintenance.

This diffuser is universal and works with any blow dryer.
Jamie Joy Malan

Deva Care No Poo is the product for you, especially if you have the crazy, vibrant colors. It is designed for curly hair, but whether your hair is straight or curly it will keep your hair color much longer then any other. It is 100% sulfate-free and does not lather at all. It is extremely hydrating and is kind of like using conditioner for shampoo however you will not see any color washing down the drain.

Remember to finish it off with the Deva Care One Conditioner so that you shut down your cuticle on your hair shaft. That way you don't lose color to harmful UV rays and humidity. You can't go wrong with these two products in your shower.

Now it does take time to get used to the whole no-lather business, however it is achievable. If you can't seemed to get used to it right away, start with little baby steps and buy Deva Curl Low Poo. It is from the same company and it lathers a little. Low Poo was designed to ween you off your heavy sulfate filled shampoo's that lather 'til the cows come home. It is still sulfate-free and will help you get use to less lather so that you can slowly progress to No Poo.

Deva Concepts offers many other botanical hair products that go above and beyond, especially for curly hair. The line offers a pomade, leave-in spray and leave-in gel, spray gel, foam, regular hand-held gels and a wonderful refreshing product called Mister Right. Deva Curl No Poo has more of a fresh minty aroma and Deva Care No Poo has more of a citrus scent so you have options to which aromatherapy works best for you.

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