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Kiss cam goes viral: Man is prepared with hilarious sign sitting beside sister

When the kiss cam is focused on a couple at a game, they are supposed to smooch the person they are with or get shamed for not doing so. What happens if the person sitting next to you is your sister? You make sure you are well prepared, just in case. According to CBS Minnesota on Feb. 18, one man knew that he didn't want to get caught by surprise.

Kiss cam of brother and sister has gone viral.
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

Adam Martin, a long-time Minnesota Gopher fan, took his younger sister to the hockey game against Michigan on Valentine’s Day. Since he admitted that he was a planner and didn't want to get caught on camera waiting to kiss the girl next to him, he decided to make up a sign explaining who she really was.

The school posted the video on YouTube and it instantly went viral. You can see Adam sitting there with his sister Maria, who was visiting from New York City, enjoying the game when the kiss cam focused on the couple. In usual fashion, everyone waited for the man to kiss what looked to be his date sitting next to him. After a few seconds of non-kissing, he pulled out a white sheet of paper, unfolded it slowly, and then held it up to show the world that he was not about to kiss the pretty girl beside him. The sign simply said, ‘my sister,’ with an arrow pointing towards her.

“Bringing her to the game on Valentine’s Day, the perception whether at the game or before it is that we’d look like we were on a date, so I wanted to make sure that there was a clean line, a sibling line between the two of us,” Adam said.

What did Maria think about her brother’s attempt to make sure he wasn't caught off guard? She thought it was quite funny and said that she thought he was just being an embarrassing older brother.

The video has definitely gone viral with over 4,000,000 hits since it was posted by the school on Monday.

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