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KiSara unveils an impressive and fiery teppanyaki show

Teppanyaki at KiSara in the Conrad Bangkok
Teppanyaki at KiSara in the Conrad BangkokConrad Bangkok

KiSara in the Conrad Bangkok has always delivered first class Japanese cuisine with top notch service in a chic, contemporary environment, but now there is another reason to visit this award winning venue. Chef Masami Inoue has introduced a seven course teppanyaki set menu that is sure to please the most discerning palate while the KiSara chefs amaze you with a fiery show. Only a few restaurants in Bangkok entertain their diners in this fashion; yet none of them deliver the thrill and excitement the way it is done here. The typical juggling of shakers, tossing of food ingredients, and slapping of spatulas on the teppanyaki grill are enhanced by the creative use of fire. Don’t let the show fool you, this isn’t a gimmick just to draw interest; the focus here is still on food. You will find everything perfectly seasoned and properly cooked as your heart races and you cheer on the dynamic chef’s performance.

The Venue

KiSara is located in the Conrad Bangkok. The décor is a stylish blend of metals, dark and light woods, tasteful lighting, and straw accents. Huge metallic, dimpled, sphere sculptures dominate the entrance of the restaurant which opens unto western style seating in the main dining room. Asian style seating can be found in four adjacent private dining rooms, while the seating for the teppanyaki show is around the huge sushi bar which serves as the focal point for the space.

The Cuisine

Chef Masami Inoue has put together a masterful teppanyaki set menu that is sure to please. It is comprised of seven courses which starts off with an amuse-bouche and a premium selection of sashimi. Fish is flown in twice a week primarily from the Hokkaido region of Japan, ensuring the highest grade and freshest quality of sashimi. The chef starts to get into the show as he prepares the Salmon Tataki w/Sweet Vinegar and Miso while flipping shakers and bouncing spatulas off the grill. This dish is flavorful yet light, putting the salmon on display and enhancing it with the contrasting notes lent by the sweet vinegar and miso. The chef’s skill in preparation is in stark contrast to the sights of juggling spices and the twang of utensils hitting the grill. This is followed up by Garlic Soup w/Duck Breast & Sticky Rice Cake and Grouper & Hakkaido Scallop w/Slow Cooked Red Bell Pepper Sauce. The soup is a delightful mix of garlic and duck breast served with a sticky rice cake, and the red sauce served with the grouper and scallop is the perfect accompaniment. The chef brings in the fire element as he prepares the next dish, Angus Beef Sirloin w/Spicy Sesame Sauce. The steak is beautifully prepared and completely melts in your mouth. The spicy sesame sauce it is served with works harmoniously with the succulent meat, and it is all put in front of you almost without notice as you are enthralled with the show. Here you see the famous ‘onion volcano’ and a stacked egg display with a ‘napalm’ backdrop. The ‘oohs and ahs’ continue as the eggs are cracked, spread out along the grill, and thrown into the Yakimeshi fried rice like they are coming out of a wood chipper. This fried rice is served with the steak and Miso Soup, and you will find the combination of the silky eggs and crispy bits of beef addictive and thoroughly satisfying. The dessert course of Dorayaki Bean Jam Pancake w/Vanilla Ice Cream is a delicious, not-too-sweet way to end this wonderful meal.

The Verdict

KiSara delivers on both the taste and the entertainment value of this set menu. Be advised that the menu doesn’t automatically come with the show, it must be requested, but there is no additional charge for it. You won’t be disappointed because it is far and above what you will see on offer in many other venues. KiSara also has a large variety of Saki which is second to none that you may want to consider for before or after your meal. Chef Masami Inoue’s Teppanyaki Set Menu is priced at 85.97USD (2800Baht) per person.

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