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Kirstie Alley weight loss: Actress takes another 20 lbs. off

Kirstie Alley
Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Kirstie Alley is taking care of herself and losing weight again. This actress looks amazing already. On Wednesday, Yahoo shared the news about her weight loss. She is back on Jenny Craig again and that is what is helping her to take the weight off. She has used it before and it worked so why not go back to it again.

Alley actually went to Twitter to let her fans know that she has lost 20 lbs. again. That is a great accomplishment for her. Her tweet shared that she has lost 20 lbs., but she also made sure that she let fans know that it is typical to lose 1-2 lbs in a week on this diet. You do not want to lose the weight too fast and she knows to do it the right way.

Kirstie is working hard to take off 30 lbs. and it sounds like that is her next weight loss goal. She is not sharing any new pictures of herself on social networks yet. Her fans would love to see what she looks like with the weight off again, but they are going to have to wait until Kirstie is ready to show it off. More than likely she will do a big photo shoot when the weight is gone. She might just do it in a big Jenny Craig commercial since she is working with them again.

She said that she feels happy and healthy when she takes the weight off. Kirstie Alley did a season on "Dancing With the Stars" and fans watched her weight fall off while she was on the show and working out all the time. Now that she isn't dancing every single day she has to find another way to lose the weight. It is fabulous to hear that she is working hard.

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