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Kirstie Alley is still single? ‘Ellen’ offers to help star find a man (video)

Kirstie Alley is one sexy actress, but the star is having trouble finding a man. On Wednesday during “The Ellen Show” the entertainer talked about her search for a guy and she has widened her search for anyone that it cool. Yes, she has even dated ugly guys and still not found the perfect man. According to Broadway World on Wednesday, Alley’s situation isn’t because she hasn’t tried to find a few guys.

“I want a handsome guy,” said Kirstie Ally on “The Ellen Show.” “I’ve met people. It’s hard to figure it out.”

The star explained she has tried so many things, but so far nothing has been a perfect match. Thanks to Ellen DeGeneres, Alley’s luck might change. The talk show host offered to help the star by sending her DJ Loni to the club with Kirstie to see what they could find. Looking for a perfect guy, the two could stroll Hollywood’s finest places and perhaps see if Kirstie Alley was overlooking a good man by being too picky.

As first Kirstie Alley wasn’t so keen to the idea, but after a few minutes she agreed to go. Perhaps the show will send a camera crew too and everyone can see if Kirstie can find real love by looking in the clubs.
Take a look at the video clip of Kirstie Alley talking about her love life. She is hilarious explaining all the different people she has met (and sometimes dated.)

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