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Kirstie Alley asks fans to bring in pets during cold weather: ‘Dangerously cold’

The cold weather that is gripping much of the United States has people staying home from work and school because it is just too cold outside. According to the New York Daily News on Monday, much of the United States is being affected by the cold with dozens of areas reporting below zero temperatures. While people are being reminded of the cold weather for humans, Kirstie Alley is thinking about the pets too. On Monday, the entertainer shared an important message for anyone who has pets.

“GOOD MORNING!!! UBER COLD !!!! brrrrrrr...PLEASE BRING ALL YOUR ANIMALS IN DOORS! Even if they are usually outdoor pets..DANGEROUSLY COLD,” tweeted Kirstie Alley from her official Twitter account. The entertainer obviously was thinking about those creatures that are sometimes overlooked when it comes to the big Arctic blasts that seem to take the humans by surprise.

Fans of Kirstie Alley can't say they are surprised by the star’s gentle reminder about the animals. Known to love all of the creatures, the celebrity has been an advocate of the creatures and usually weighs in on important issues. Her reminder to consider the impact of the cold on the pets is good since it’s sometimes overlooked with all the activities required during our daily lives.

Unfortunately, the pets might be in the house for several days too as the weather is expected to stay cold for a while. Hopefully the freezing temperatures will let up soon, but for now people need to keep their dogs and cats warm!

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