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Kirn’s ‘Blood Will Out’ explains being duped by imposter

Walter Kirn's latest novel "Blood Will Out" tells a true crime story of an imposter who relishes on murder, mystery and masquerading.

Journalist and author Walter Kirn’s latest book “Blood Will Out: The True Story of a Murder, a Mystery, and a Masquerade” released in March is Kirn’s autobiography in revealing his relationship with an imposter.

The summer of 1998 is when it all began; when a manipulating murderer and kidnapper masqueraded by using the false name of Clark Rockefeller, gained access to a rich and powerful environment. But the facade was full of lies; starting with his true name, Christian Gerhartsreiter, and other exposures which led to his imprisonment. The true life story covers Kirn’s 10-year relationship with the man, the tales of upward mobility, the courtroom drama that followed, and the erosion of a man he once admired and respected.

Below are excerpts from the New York Times Sunday Book Review printed Mar. 6 on the novel called “The Journalist and the Masquerader –

Walter Kirn’s latest book is bound to be shelved in the crime section. But it’s actually about class.

This new book, about the killer con man Christian Gerhartsreiter, a.k.a. Clark Rockefeller, is in many ways a sequel to Kirn’s college memoir. In this smart, real-life psychological thriller, the fake Rockefeller is a zombie Gatsby and Kirn the post-apocalyptic Fitzgerald, chronicling upper-crust America in free fall.

Kirn is excellent on the love-hate he feels for the Rockefeller types he met back at Princeton: “pedigreed, boastful, overschooled eccentrics who spoke like cousins of Katharine Hepburn. . . . I found them a bit repulsive physically, what with their prematurely thinning hair and delicate, intestinal pink skin.” But these intestinal pink kids were also the kids who knew “the Vineyard” from “the Cape,” who grew up cavorting on islands of mystery and wealth the way the children of provincial Americans like Kirn visited theme parks or a McDonald’s.

More on this informative article can be read below.

Blood Will Out has been picked up for a television movie. revealed in a May 6 article that “Sony Pictures TV has put in development Blood Will Out, a limited series based on Kirn’s autobiographical book.” Screenwriter/producer Sheldon Turner will team up with Kirn to write the series. Kirn and Turner have worked together before with Kirn’s novel Up in the Air (2001) which was made into a movie in 2009. Kirn also wrote the novel Thumbsucker (1999) that also became a film in 2005.

NPR interviewed Kirn on the relationship between him and the imposter. Read and listen below.

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