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Kirk, Stevie J react to explosive ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ nanny episode

On “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” season 3, episode 4, Kirk got himself into hot water with the show’s audience for trying to get a young waitress from a bar he recently met to become the nanny of his new baby.

The woman in question is named Jasmine, and while there are a lot of rumors swirling around Jasmine and Kirk, both Kirk and Stevie J have reacted to the entire situation in web videos that are now available on VH1.

In a new VH1 web exclusive "Check Yourself" video, in which the cast watches the same scenes as the audience, Kirk, Stevie J, and other cast members give their immediately feedback (think of it as a video form of Twitter) to what they’re watching on the screen.

“I was trying to give her a job just to get Rasheeda back on her toes,” says Kirk in the video.

As for Stevie J, he felt he could personally understand what Kirk was potentially dealing with in regards to his prospective nanny.

“I had nannies that I smashed before. You know, it happens,” said Stevie J bluntly.

But with that said, even Stevie J knew it wasn’t a good idea to bring an attractive woman you barely know into the picture to take care of your child.

“She’s giving him the googly eyes…it’s going to be death by Rasheeda,” added Stevie J.

And, as expected, it was. Rasheeda walked into their home to see a woman she had never met holding her child. Somehow, Rasheeda was able to keep it together long enough to not explode on Jasmine. But she did tell Kirk he should consider not drinking with his friends so much if it’s going to cloud his judgment.

The “cast react” video also featured Karlie Redd’s thoughts on her decision to fight a realtor who claims she sleeps with her man, Yung Joc, “everynight.”

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