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Kirk Franklin blasts 'Preachers of LA' on 'The D.L. Hughley Show'

Kirk Franklin blast docu-series 'Preachers of LA' on 'The D.L. Hughley Show.'
Photo by Royce DeGrie

According to BCNN1, Gospel recording artist, Kirk Franklin is disappointed in the docu-series, "Preachers of L.A." Franklin was a guest on "The D.L. Hughley Show," and revealed his feelings on Saturday. Although Preachers of L.A. had a successful run its first season, and taping for season two is in progress, many believers still do not appreciate the show.

Franklin is well respected in the Christian community, and D.L. Hughley applauded him for inter-twinning Gospel and secular music to make it relevant for our culture and those who want to follow Christ. Franklin is not alone in opposition to Preachers of L.A., T.D. Jakes has also spoke out against the show.

During the 8-week series, as the season progressed to about the fourth viewing, some people changed their minds and said their began to be more substance in the message. One of the stars of Preachers is Deitrick Haddon, and Hughley called him a "thug," on the show, and after he did not get a response from Franklin, he (Hughley) considered his non-response as agreement.

D.L. Hughley, 51, is not a fan of Gospel, he said it, and his Christian beliefs are uncertain, but yet he has brought judgment on believers. "The D.L. Hughley Show" is a nationally syndicated show that comes on daily in the afternoon and has a large viewership. He is a comedian and has been on the circuit for 23 years. Hughley is known for being the star of the ABC sitcom, "The Hughleys."

Hughley plays a game on the radio show where he asks a question and the guest has one of two choices to respond. Franklin passed on the first question which asked him which gay person he would prefer to sleep with. Franklin then responded to a question which asked about pregnancy - and he said he would prefer that his wife tell him that she was pregnant (not his daughter).

It was the last question that Hughley delighted in when Franklin stated that he is disappointed in the Preachers of L.A. show. Hughley agreed.

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