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Kirk Dillard endorsements pouring in, as Rauner, Rutherford and Brady unraveling

In case you haven't heard, the list of Republican candidates for governor of Illinois are the following: Illinois State Sen. Kirk Dillard of Hinsdale, Bruce Rauner of Winnetka, Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford of Chenoa and Illinois State Sen. Bill Brady of Bloomington.

State Senator Kirk Dillard may have the right temperament to be governor of Illinois.
WTTW - Channel 11

Republican candidate for Illinois Governor Kirk Dillard has been left for dead, politically that is, a number of times. The troubles of Rutherford has buoyed Dillard, the Chicago Tribune reports today.

Even the polls conducted by Rich Miller's Capitol Fax and WGN-TV/Chicago Tribune were not kind to Dillard.

Bruce Rauner is on the defensive, as he can't seem to explain, well, almost anything, including his relationship with convicted, federal felon Stuart Levine. Rauner also can't explain how he will run Illinois as a "business" and at the same time he ran one of his own businesses, nursing homes, into the ground.

Dan Rutherford is the one actually dead politically speaking for a number of reasons.

Bill Brady has become a tiresome political figure, who is unable to raise any money or obtain any endorsements.

That leaves Dillard, who on Friday accepted the endorsement of the Illinois Education Association, an association of more than 130,000 members composed of Illinois elementary and secondary teachers as well as higher education faculty, staff and educational support professionals.

"My father was a public school teacher for more than 40 years and would be proud to see me standing here today with the support of so many teachers across Illinois," Dillard said. "These are the hard-working, dedicated men and women who walk into our classrooms every day and prepare our children for the workforce of tomorrow."

IEA President Cinda Klickna pointed to Dillard’s years of public service and willingness to listen to the concerns of educators as among the reasons the group threw its support behind Dillard. "Senator Dillard is a true friend of education and educators," Klickna said.

In another recent endorsements, Dillard announced earlier this week that Illinois State Rep. Don Moffitt endorsed Dillard as "uniquely qualified" to be governor. That endorsement came with a $1,000 donation.

In addition, the Dillard campaign announced the following endorsements:

• RAYMOND POE – State Representative 99th House District
• BOB PRITCHARD – State Representative 70th House District
• RANDY RAMEY -- Wayne Township GOP Chairman
• PATRICK DURANTE -- Addison Township GOP Chairman
• LORI CARLSON -- DuPage Milton Township GOP Chairman
• ANTHONY CATROGIOVANNI – Berwyn Township GOP Committeeman
• RACHEL OSSYRA -- Naperville Township GOP Chairman
• BRIAN KRAJEWSKI -- Downers Grove GOP Chairman & DuPage County Board Member

The Moffitt endorsement and the eight additional endorsements come on top of endorsements from two former Republican governors, Jim Edgar and Jim Thompson.

Moffitt commented on those endorsements. "Given their personal experience (Edgar and Thompson) with the position, it’s telling that the last two successful Republican governors have thrown their support behind Kirk,”" said Moffitt. "One of the biggest assets Kirk Dillard brings to the table is his understanding that managing state government means living within our means, which will require tough choices. Illinois needs a Governor who understands how the budget is spent and will tackle runaway spending with a scalpel- not a hatchet."

Moffitt highlighted the importance of lowering the unemployment rate in Illinois and creating jobs.

"We need a Governor who can turn around the business climate in Illinois. Senator Dillard has proven himself to be a successful advocate for job creation while he was chief of staff to Governor Edgar and as a State Senator by shepherding legislation through the statehouse that brought businesses and jobs to Illinois," said Moffitt.

Moffitt pointed out that Dillard's unique experience having served as Chief of Staff for Governor Edgar, gives Dillard the leadership skills needed in Illinois.



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