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‘Kirby Triple Deluxe’ now available on the Nintendo 3DS

The official logo for the game "Kirby Triple Deluxe"
The official logo for the game "Kirby Triple Deluxe"
Image courtesy of Nintendo of America's official Twitter page,

The official Nintendo website has confirmed that a new title has released on the Nintendo 3DS. That title is “Kirby Triple Deluxe,” and it was released on May 2, 2014. This game is available for purchase at a price of $34.99. This title can be purchased as either a retail copy from stores or as a download directly from the Nintendo eShop.

Kirby Triple Deluxe” is the latest title in the Kirby franchise, and it is a side scrolling platformer, similar to most of the games in its franchise. The player controls the titular Kirby as he is trying to save the land from a mysterious enemy who has captured King Dedede and the other Dream Land denizens. The story follows a structure similar to most Kirby titles, appearing to be very whimsical and innocent at the start, and then taking a much darker turn near the end of the game. No further story details will be mentioned here however.

Kirby can still use his signature copy ability to swallow enemies and use their attacks against other enemies. This title features a large number of copy abilities, ranging from series staples such as Fire, Cutter, and Sword to brand new abilities like Beetle, Archer, and Bell. The gameplay, as with most Kirby titles, is relatively simple, especially for veteran gamers. This is not necessarily a bad thing however, since the Kirby franchise is generally designed to be a more relaxing experience for gamers. That being said, players looking for a difficult game should probably look elsewhere.

The title features a number of extra modes to play and collectibles that the player to find. The extra modes come in the form of mini-games, including one that is similar to “Super Smash Bros.,” but uses Kirby’s different copy abilities as the “fighters.” The collectibles include Sun Stones, which the player must collect a number of in order to finish the game, and Key Chains. Key Chains are found randomly in levels as well as when receiving StreetPass data from other players in the real world. These Key Chains feature items and characters from previous Kirby games.

To learn more about “Kirby Triple Deluxe,” visit its official website:

"Kirby Triple Deluxe" official website

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