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Kirby Hensley - Con Man, Crook & Self Proclaimed Messiah & King

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1959 AD -- Con Man, Crook & Self Proclaimed Messiah & King

Kirby Hensley, an illiterate self ordained and appointed minister/bishop turned away by the Southern Baptist and Pentecostal Churches began his own "Life Church" within his own garage.

1962 -- The same Kirby Hensley, who was also involved with Gabriel Green and The Universal Party (Flying Saucer Party) incorporated his Life Church in California using Universal as a part of the name. Some claim he did so because he was not too smart of an individual. Some claim he did so to co-promote his Flying Saucer party affiliation and some they just said he did such because of his hatred toward Christians. The Hensley Universal Life Church is Anti-Christian, Anti-Bible, Anti-Jesus, Anti-Christ

Hensley Quotes:

Hensley: "Why sure, I'm a con man."

Among his more memorable comments:

* I always stand for freedom, food and sex. That's all there is. It sets people free.

* Jesus was a good actor.

* The Bible "is full of lies from one end to the other."

* It's a thin line dividing genius and idiot. I think I'm on the genius side.

* We're coming up on the 21st century and there's not one verse of Scripture in the Bible that will take you beyond the 20th century.

* I believe I was a comedian and two-bit lawyer (in an earlier life) because I've had more lawsuits than anybody.

* I just want to raise all the hell I can, and get all the kooks and what-have-you as churches; then they (the government) will have to tax them all.

1999 -- Kirby Hensley's death, Kirby's church hit with a million dollar fine and stripped of tax exempt church status by IRS for 25 years.

Ref: (self-proclaimed con man Kirby
Hensley, the illiterate purveyor of church ministries to millions via mail-order)

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