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Kings of Leon concertgoers all exposed to measles

Going to a concert is supposed to be fun. Apparently, for Kings of Leon fans, they have a new worry to consider if they attended the Seattle show as Consequence of Sound reports on April 3 that a woman that had measles attended the concert when they played in March and exposed everyone attending, including the band.

According to the Washington State Health Department, the woman contracted the measles two days before the show and still decided to attend anyways. Everyone that was in attendance of the March 25 concert in the Key Arena is encouraged to visit their doctor and either get vaccinated if they haven't been or ask for a booster just to make sure that they don't contract this highly contagious disease.

So far, the rest of the Kings of Leon concert schedule is still being followed in support of the Mechanical Bull tour. Because the measles can be deadly to those that are unvaccinated, the Washington State Health Department is suggesting that concertgoers remain on the look out until April 15 as the measles can linger in the air for up to two hours after an infected person has left the area. Prolonged exposure can also mean a higher risk of catching this deadly disease.

As always, hand washing and sanitizing is suggested to protect your health.

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