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Kingdom magick the truth unveiled

Have you ever noticed how the theologies of many religions somewhat sound alike? Have you ever noticed how the practices in many religions even operate the same? It isn't rocket science to see the similarities within the melting pot of theological doctrines now is it?

The book Kingdom Magick and the author Elijah Autumn work to point out just a few of these similarities and how they can even relate to Christianity and to the christian community itself. Although out of the box from normal Christianity, Elijah Autumn works to disprove that the term magick is evil and that magick in itself is neither good nor bad, but is merely the power that resides within the kingdom in each of us and that is spoken of in every Christian Bible.

Two volumes of Kingdom magick have been published to date by the publisher Arising Voice Publishing. These books are available in paperback, and as an E-book on The E-book is currently less then one dollar on Amazon. Volume two begins the journey of teaching magick to those that have the faith to step out and be all that the Divine set pout for them to be.

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