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‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ publisher seeking opinions of Disney, past games and more

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Square Enix, the publisher of “Kingdom Hearts 3,” has posted a survey in regards to the upcoming PS4 and Xbox One video game. According to a report from Playstation Universe on March 7, the company wanted to know about the community’s feelings towards the “Kingdom Hearts” series.

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The survey, which was posted on the official “Kingdom Hearts” Facebook page, asked fans to give their opinions on the past games in the series. The participants are encouraged to talk about both of the positive and negative aspects of the previous installments.

The questionnaire also asked about the Disney crossover elements. The “Kingdom Hearts” franchise is unique in that it features a cast of new characters mixed with individuals from the Disney brands and the “Final Fantasy” video games.

The survey suggests that “Kingdom Hearts 3” may still be early in the development cycle. Square Enix may make some changes to the project based on the feedback provided by the community. The video game was announced through a concept trailer that was first shown during Sony’s media briefing at E3 2013.

The official “Kingdom Hearts 3” release date has not yet been announced by Square Enix. You can find some screens from the PS4 and Xbox One next-generation action role-playing video game with the slideshow gallery located to the left of this article.