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'Kingdom Hearts 3' co-director talks 'Frozen,' summons and more

'Kingdom Hearts 3'
'Kingdom Hearts 3'
Photo courtesy of Square Enix, used with permission

Tai Yasue has talked a little bit about the inclusion of the "Frozen" intellectual property in the upcoming next-generation role-playing title, "Kingdom Hearts 3." According to a report from Gameranx on July 7, the co-director behind the project mentioned that he is actually a big fan of the popular 2013 animated computer-generated film. However, he is not yet ready to announce anything in regards to whether or not the characters and locations from the film will be appearing in the upcoming video game.

The "Kingdom Hearts" series combines various Disney franchises with some "Final Fantasy" characters to create a somewhat unique crossover action role-playing experience. Players typically travel around between the various worlds and meet different characters. Aside from "Frozen," fans also want to see cameos from the "Star Wars" intellectual properties as well as franchises from Marvel and Pixar. However, Square Enix has not yet shown off any of the new collaborations with Disney.

Tai Yasue went on to disclosed that the development team's goals for "Kingdom Hearts 3" are to include cameos based on the amount of suitability and variety it can offer to the experience. The examples he provided are the contextual attraction summons, which bring amusement theme park rides in fights. In the first gameplay video, Sora, Donald and Goofy were shown fighting a gigantic rock golem while riding the magic rollercoaster at the same time.

Square Enix is currently focusing on releasing "Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix" for the PS3, which is coming out on Dec. 2. The compilation includes the final mix editions of "Kingdom Hearts 2" and "Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep," both of which were never released outside of Japan. Furthermore, it also comes with all the remastered cut scenes for "Kingdom hearts Re:coded." On the other hand, the company has not yet updated fans on when "Kingdom Hearts 3" will be released. You can find a screen of the sequel from the series' Facebook page on top of this article.