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King University Pres. Greg Jordan is maligned on Twitter

Someone has set up a fake Twitter account in King President Greg Jordan's name
Someone has set up a fake Twitter account in King President Greg Jordan's name

As the turmoil at King University (formerly King College) in Bristol continues, the local paper carried an anonymous interview with two faculty members describing the atmosphere at the college as one of almost paranoia. reported in their Jan. 31 article that the faculty members they talked to were worried about their jobs, calling the situation at the 147-year-old institution "toxic." The situation is, however, not an excuse for the irresponsible behavior on the part of any of the opponents of President Greg Jordan. Using a fake Twitter account, they are coming very close to slandering him with off-color tweets.

Using the moniker @GregJordanKU and an image of King's president himself with two lovely ladies, the Twitter account is labeled as fake, but it is very realistic. They do state that it is his fake account.

Greg Jordan

President of King University (formerly King College)'s fake Twitter account

Bristol, TN ·

There is a fake account in the name of Dr. E.G. Rohr, King's well-respected chaplain, and this account interacts with the Greg Jordan fake account. That account is @EGRohrKC.

Some of the fake tweets are just silly, but many could be very damaging to both men's reputations. These accounts look very authentic, and the casual observer may not pick up the little word "fake" in the bio.

Many of those who are balking at the changes occurring to their beloved King College, a Christian liberal arts institution with a 147-year-tradition of Christian excellence, claim their faith as the main banner they carry off to this battle. However, this type of behavior is not only ethically wrong and legally dangerous, but it does nothing to promote any argument, right or wrong.

This reckless course of action not only brings negative attention to Dr. Jordan and Dr. Rohr, but it brings very negative attention to the college that students, alumni, and faculty claim to be trying to save.

The parties responsible for these fake Twitter accounts should take them down immediately.

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