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King Tut is coming to town!

King Tutankhamun
King Tutankhamun
Denver Art Museum

The Denver Art Museum will be hosting King Tut starting July 1, 2010.
It runs from July 1, 2010 through January 9, 2011. Mark your calendars!

What an amazing opportunity we have in Colorado to see treasures from Tutankhamun’s tomb! Visit the largest image of King Tut and artifacts from ancient Egypt. Learn about the daily lives of the pharaohs. See King Tut’s Tomb and so much more. Here is a link  to see the many details of this upcoming event. If you are planning on taking small children the average time to see everything will take around ninety minutes.

I remember when the History Museum in Denver hosted some Egyptian artifacts when I was child. My grandmother and I went to see the exhibition. To this day it is one of my fondest memories with her. Experiencing and learning new things together as a family can turn into memorable moments to be treasured for a lifetime. I remember watching my grandmother’s eyes light up as she learned about ancient Egypt. A life long learner herself, her example definitely encouraged me to pursue new things. I believe this too; will be a wonderful outing for all families.

Even if your history plans don't include ancient Egypt this year, I highly recommend this exhibit.

Even Denver International Airport  is getting involved you can see a 7 ton 26ft statue of Anubis. It is located at the south end of DIA.
For more info about the exhibit click here.
For more info about tickets click here.

For the audio tour and movie click here.

I plan on taking my family and will check back with you all and let you know what I absolutely loved about it! I won't be able to take pictures in the exhibit but there are fascinating facts on the links above.

I hope to see you there!


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