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King Street Patriots host Lieutenant Governor Debate

King Street Patriots Debate 1-20-14
King Street Patriots Debate 1-20-14

Monday January 20, 2014 King Street Patriots hosted a debate of the Lieutenant Governor Candidates of Texas.

The Debate
Bob Price

With the Texas primary voting being only weeks away on March 4, 2014 King Street Patriots organized a debate to arm their membership with first hand knowledge of the Lieutenant Governor candidates as opposed to what many times is main stream media bias or spin. Those that chose to appear were; Todd Staples, Jerry Patterson, Dan Patrick, and David Dewhurst. The moderators were Ted Oberg from ABC’s channel 13 and David Jennings of Big Jolly Politics.

The incumbent is David Dewhurst and campaigning for his job is the current state Senator Dan Patrick, Agricultural Commissioner Todd Staples, and Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson. Each candidate was given a two minute introduction which was followed by a question and answer forum with each reply timed by King Street’s founder Catherine Englebrecht. Each candidate had a 30 second rebuttal to the candidate who each question was addressed to.

The overall atmosphere between the candidates was respectful, cordial, and even humorous at times. The crowd applauded all the popular talking points like reducing taxes, less spending, and fighting for Texas sovereignty from federal rule over state rights. Both moderators did a great job of delivering straight forward questions that where of interest to the people of Texas that includes the border, the drought, and spending to only mention a few.

The King Street Patriot’s meeting facility has seating for 300 with only a handful of empty chairs. The entire sides and back of the seating area were standing attendees mixed in with media personnel and photographers. The crowd wasn’t nearly as large as when King Street Patriots hosted Ted Cruz’s homecoming which attracted in excess of 1500 attendees. Outside the building where an assortment of other candidates, and or their representatives, soliciting people for votes that were there for the debate, as they were entering and exiting.

All four of the candidates remained long after the debate and spoke with people for nearly an hour post debate. People used that time to approach their favorite candidate to ask questions about issues concerning them along with complimenting their participation in the debate.

Once again King Street Patriots delivered an enlightening presentation to their members and any one else who wants to get involved in the election process. They and their sister organization True the Vote educate those that seek a better understanding of politics and how they actually work.

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