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King of the Nerds: season 2, episode 7 - Angry Nerds

Yesterday's episode featured the elimination of teams and introduced the theme for this week: live gaming. The Nerd War is a full-scale, live action video racing game known as Nerdio Karts. Whoever wins the individual Nerd War is safe from banishment in the Nerd Off and also gets the right to pick one person to go into the Nerd Off. The remaining four people vote on the other person. This should be interesting, since Zack doesn't know how to drive.

The contestants each pilot their own Nerdio Kart in a Tron-like maze. The race lasts 12 laps. First place earns 5,000 points, second place 4,000 points, and so on. There are bonus stars around the race track that light up randomly and are worth 250 points each when driven over. Karts are randomly assigned a start position. Their places in the race, even including bonus points is:

  1. Kayla
  2. Xander
  3. Jack
  4. Zack
  5. Brian

Despite the insistence of our hosts that the bonus points were going to make a difference, they totally didn't -- each racer's place was the same despite the stars they accumulated. Kayla wins a telepresence robot from double robotics worth $2,000. She gave a second robot as a gift to Xander.

Kayla picks who goes into the Nerd Off: Jack. The rest of crew vote in a split decision between Brian and Zack. This makes Kayla the tie-breaker, and she chooses Zack. Kayla wisely points out that she made all of her choices not out of former team loyalty, but because she knows the weaknesses of Brian and Xander enough that she considers them less of a threat.

The Nerd Off? Angry Nerds. Inside the Radio Shack lab is everything each contestant needs to build a structure which must withstand a barrage of Angry Nerd projectiles. They build structures with little and big nerds, and then fire air cannons at each other structures, trying to knock down the most nerds. The first person to knock down three balls wins the Nerd Off. Zack explains his strategy:

No one really helped me with the Nerd Off today, but I didn't really ask for help. I have an IQ of 146. I'm constantly using it to tackle things and think about them on a very internal level and try to solve problems with my head. I don't know if Jack has come up with anything brilliant than my wall, and if he hasn't, that means there's actually a chance that this can just come down to the shooting. In that situation I may have a much better well -- excuse the pun -- shot.

Rock-paper-scissors determines who goes first: Zack wins again, keeping his undefeated rock-paper-scissors streak going. He chooses to go first. And Jack wins by knocking Zack's balls off the structure. This leaves Jack, Brian, Kayla, and Xander in the final four.

Noted: Kayla is wearing a Dragon Con choker!

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