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King of the Nerds: season 2, episode 4 - Ready, Set, Dodgeball

King of the Nerds
King of the Nerds

Tonight's episode begins with the loss of Mary Kate and Katie appropriately terming what they've been doing with Zack "puppetmastering" -- keeping him on Midas Touch. Unfortunately there's a team imbalance between Team Midas Touch and Team Titans of Rigel, and poor Katie draws the short straw. Katie is now a member of Team Midas Touch.

The Nerd War is robot dodgeball. The teams must build four of their own robots, which are judged on creativity and execution. The team with the least impressive fleet will have one robot removed. The robots enter the arena in a timed test of survival and agility against their opponents' fiendish dodgeballs.

Titans of Rigel creates two large robots and two skinny robots, with the larger ones acting as blockers for the smaller ones. Katie on Team Midas takes charge, because if she doesn't no one will.

Meanwhile, Kayla the rocket scientist hates Star Wars (?!) and Nicole the chemist manages to get a chemical (hot glue gun) on her face.

Matt Winston, cofounder of the Stan Winston School, is the judge of the robots...assisted by Nerd Bot, a giant mecha monstrosity. And the robots are:

Titans of Rigel

  • Xander: Red dragon
  • Chris: Repair Bot 747 (Nerd Bot is aroused by Repair Bot)
  • Kayla: A Mars Rover
  • Brian: An homage to James Boswell, Marcel Proust, and Leo Tolstoy

Midas Touch

  • Jack: Paranoia
  • Nicole: Mutilator
  • Zack: Fluffy
  • Katie: Carnage

Matt picks Titans of Rigel, which means Nerd Bot gets to brutally curb stomp poor Jack's robot.

In the next phase, two bots per round compete in each of four rounds. Midas Touch Attack is on offense first.

  • Round 1: Midas Touch Attack (1:18)
  • Round 2: Titans of Rigel (1:08)
  • Round 3: Midas Touch Attack (1:41)
  • Round 4: Titans of Rigel (1:05)

Midas Touch loses with the longer time, unfortunately due to Zack getting the robot stuck on the edge of the court. Titans of Rigel wins $1,000 in product from the Radio Shack lab.

Titans of Rigel unanimously votes Nicole into the Nerd-Off. Midas Touch Attack votes Zack. The Nerd-Off features a horde of zombies in a structural logic problem-solving game called Zombie Nerd Plunk.

A caged pen of zombies is near a pile of brains, feet, and hands propped up by stakes. In yet another ironic twist, Ivan Van Norman is present as a zombie (apparently HIS zombie plan failed!) as is Genevieve and Joshua. The contestants pull wooden stakes from a cage filled with body parts. The first nerd to accidentally release 150 nerd body parts to the zombies loses the game. Zack wins rock-paper-scissors and goes first. Zack wins 144 to Nicole's 153.

Poor Nicole goes out by being crushed by Nerd Bot. Hopefully the hot glue doesn't scar!

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