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King of Nerds: season 2, episode 6 - Nerds to the Rescue

Last night's episode features Team Titans trying to recover from the loss of Katie and King Midas gloating over their win. Chris plays up a faux rivalry with Jack and then starts going to work on Zack, psychologically messing with his head. Brian characterizes Chris' manipulation aptly as a Sith Lord influencing Anakin Skywalker. Here's an example of Zack losing his mind:

No, I didn't actually say that. I said that I thought that was unfair. Stop putting words in my mouth. It seems to be a habit of yours to put words in other peoples' mouths. Because you think you're superior others and I'm sick of it. You realize that? Every single time you start talking as if every single word you say is law and it's not. Cut it out!

The Nerd War is...well here:

There is a dire situation unfolding above you as we speak. We have been contacted by an intergalactic force. It appears that their spaceship is disabled and we have been asked to navigate their laser systems to help them locate one of their own. He is known by his Earth name, George Takei.

Kayla lists her top five Star Trek idols:

  1. Capt. Kathryn Janeway
  2. Mr. Sulu
  3. Capt. Picard
  4. Mr. Spock
  5. Capt. Kirk

Two people from each team must navigate a laser maze. Even if they make it through the maze, there is a complex mathematical equation that must be decoded to free George. For every tripped laser there is a one minute time delay for which the player must remain frozen in place. Answering the math problem correctly incurs a 30-second time penalty.

The teams practice by taping pieces of string to hallways and then navigate them blindfolded. Team Titan chooses Chris and Brian. Team Midas has no choice but to use Jack and Zack.

Jack manages to trigger one of the lasers, followed shortly by Brian, each incurring a one-minute time delay, essentially cancelling each others' penalty out. Brian hits another laser, with Jack in the lead through two amazing jumps. Here's the question:

Tribble Trouble: Through asexual reproduction, a single Tribble will produce a litter of 10 offspring every 12 hours. If you brought ONE Tribble aboard your starcraft, how many Tribbles would you have after 48 hours?

  • Team Midas' answer: 13,662 (30 second penalty)
  • The correct answer: 14,641, which is Jack's second guess.

As a reward, Team Midas gets to visit the special effects studio Legacy Effects, the creators and fabricators behind Iron Man, Avatar's amp suit, and Nerdbot.

  • Team Midas votes Chris into the Nerd-Off.
  • Team Titan votes Brian into Nerd-Off.

The Nerd Off features science fiction trivia combined with a first-person shooter. Getting a question wrong misses a turn, getting it right provides 40 rounds of ammo to shoot as many space craft as possible. The nerd that scores the highest number of points after six rounds wins the Nerd-Off.

Q1: In Firefly, what is the name of the centralized computer network that spans the planetary system?

  • A. The Verse (A)
  • B. The Ansible
  • C. Cent-net
  • D. The Cortex (B) - 2,800 points

Q2: In Frank Herbert's Dune series, the Spacing Guild Navigators rely on what rug to pilot their ships.

  • A. Neuroin
  • B. Ephemeral
  • C. Velloceet (C)
  • D. Melange (B) - 6,300 points

Q3: In Star Trek: The Next Generation, Lt. Riker turned down ommand of which ship to takehis point on the U.S.S. Enterprise.

  • A. U.S.S. Defiant
  • B. U.S.S. Drake (C) - 3,100 points
  • C. U.S.S. Hood (B)
  • D. U.S.S. Potemkin

Q4: What ancient culture was influenced by the Goa'uld in Stargate?

  • A. Egyptian (C) - 7,800 points
  • B. Norse
  • C. Aztec
  • D. Mayan (B)

Q5: In Battlesta rGalactiac, what is a derogatory name for the Cylons?

  • A. Blenders.
  • B. Toasters (C) 8,900 points (B) 8,700 points
  • C. Bolt Buckets
  • D. Buggers

Q6: What does TARDIS stand for?

  • A. Time Aspect Relevator Device in Space
  • B. Temporal Analysis Receptor Device Integrated System.
  • C. Temporal adjustment Relative Dimension in Sequence
  • D. Time and Relevant Dimension in Space (C) 11,200 points (B) 11,400 points

As of this episode, the two teams are dissolved. From here on out it's every nerd for himself.

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