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King Macar, the Gold-Cursed from 'Journey Into Nyx'

Koing Macar, the Gold-Cursed
Wizards of the Coast

Revealed at the PAX East "Magic: The Gathering" panel, King Macar, the Gold-Cursed is one of the newest cards from Wizards of the Coast's expert expansion set "Journey Into Nyx." This rare black legendary creature can quickly help you gain a massive amount of card advantage over several turns, getting rid of your rival's most fearsome threats and accelerating your mana production at the same time.

King Macar, the Gold-Cursed - 2BB
Legendary Creature - Human (Rare)
Inspired - Whenever King Macar, the Gold-Cursed becomes untapped, you may exile target creature. If you do, put a colorless artifact token named Gold onto the battlefield. It has "Sacrifice this artifact: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool."

Worried about King Macar, the Gold-Cursed dying in combat? That's okay, he never has to enter the "red zone" for you to take advantage of him.

Like Daring Thief, you're able to tap King Macar, the Gold-Cursed with Springleaf Drum. Going multicolored allows you access to Kiora's Follower and Prophet of Kruphix to untap King Macar, the Gold-Cursed multiple times. Of course there's always Ral Zarek waiting for you too.

As a legendary creature, King Macar, the Gold-Cursed makes an interesting option as a commander. You'll want to load your deck with a myriad of older cards which allow you to tap and untap. One in particular that's quite nasty is Aura of Dominion. Use it to target King Macar over and over again and exile all of your opponent's creatures fueled by the mana from your gold tokens.

How will you use King Macar, the Gold-Cursed?

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