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King Leo the 30 pound cat gets adopted

He was found alongside a roadside in Nashville, filthy with matted fur. After a shave and a diet, King Leo, a 30 pound cat, has found a new home, reported Daily Mail on Wednesday.

King Leo after a shave
Cat Shoppe and Dog Store / Facebook

Last month, a driver who pulled over to fix a flat tire heard the cat crying. He found Leo inside an animal carrier, along with a note explaining how his previous owner had given him away to someone a few years ago. Cat and carrier were left abandoned on the side of the road on Briley Parkway.

The man turned Leo in to Metro Nashville Animal Care and Control. From there, the ten-year-old cat was rescued, receiving medical attention and care by the Animalia Animal Hospital in Franklin and pet store/adoption service Cat Shoppe and Dog Store in Nashville.

Cat Shoppe and Dog Store said on their Facebook page “He is feeling fantastic after getting a haircut.” They state Leo has been more active since 10.5 ounces of matted fur was shaved off. The mats from his right leg had attached to his belly, which hindered movement of his right leg.

The obese kitty was put on a diet, and is down to 25 pounds. He has been on a gentle exercise regime, and just started using the water treadmill.

An EKG showed that his heart is normal. The rescue was concerned, since another large 31 pound cat named Buddah suffered from a heart condition.

More good news is that Leo spent the night, according to Cat Shoppe and Dog Store’s Facebook post yesterday, “with his new family and snuggled under the covers.” The post says that the vet tech at Animalia who shaved Leo fell in love with the cat and inquired about adopting him. She and her family are all cat lovers. And since she has experience with emergency care, King Leo’s new owner will be able to give him wonderful care.

Sounds like a very happy ending for the love bug cat who had been dumped by the side of the road.

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