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King For a Day jams the roof off of the Old Curtis St. Bar

Simon and The Goose of King For a Day
Simon and The Goose of King For a Day

King For a Day at Old Curtis St. Bar                        Photo By: Megan Smith

On April 2nd of 2010 thirty some people squished into Old Curtis St. Bar off 21st and Curtis in downtown Denver to check out King for a Day and the Hot Robots, mostly local, loyal fans and friends. It is a rather tiny bar but quaint no less. The front door is merely decoration; instead you enter through the side door along the patio area. The stage is the first thing you see across the pool table covered in empty music equipment cases, there a couple tables and booths that separate the room from the bar tucked in the back, or what was the front, at one point in time.

King For a Day at Old Curtis St. Bar              Photo By: Megan Smith

Once the night fully fell upon the bar and the beer settled in, the place was a rockin’ with the Hot Robots electrified beats. One girl was so moved by their sound that she braved the empty area in front of the stage moving her feet and grovin’ her hips to the beat, beer still in hand. Some people couldn’t help but giggle when Simon, the lead singer of King for a Day, joined her showing off his impressive old school British dance moves. There is no better way to describe the Hot Robots sound than the words they used themselves on their Myspace page: “The POWER of The Who! The PASSION of the Clash! The SPIRIT of Guided By Voices! All parts of the machine that is HOT ROBOTS! With hearts on their sleeves, HOT ROBOTS play LOUD, melodic, ROCK and imbue their songs with defiant energy. Hot Robots music, like jeans & a t-shirt, is never out of style.” So, cast aside all crazy notions reguarding their name, the Hot Robots should, and one day will be, heard across popular radio stations world wide.

King For a Day at Curtis St. Bar                      Photo By: Megan Smith

The night grew on, as well as the drunkenness level, as King for a Day readied themselves to play their set. If you have never seen, or heard, a twelve string guitar, this is definitely a local band to check out! You may feel as though you have walked through a time machine when you hear King for a Day’s ‘old school Beatles’ mixed with the 60’s British pop rhythms, strummed, hummed and beat from within the band’s soul. King for a Day is made up of Simon Levene on vocals, acoustic guitar as well as song writer, John Sahs on drums, as well as backing vocals, the Goose on bass and Vic Jannatpour on guitar and back up vocals. Simon reigns from Manchester, England. Growing up during the British Invasion, it is no wonder he finds inspiration for their style from the Beatles, as well as, the Monkees and The Who. Again King for a Day described themselves best on their Myspace page: “We play an original brand of acoustic Brit-pop with a hint of folk/rock and freakbeat thrown in for good measure. Kind of like the Monkees meeting Oasis at a party thrown by the Kinks, with the Who spiking the punch.” If this sounds like something that you could be interested in or if you find it to be just completely insane you should check them out live at their next show on May 7th at the D-Note in Arvada at 8pm.

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For more info: Check out King For a Day and The Hot Robots MySpace pages. You can also request to be friends with King For a Day on Facebook and be notified of up and coming concerts


  • Travis 5 years ago

    As always well done. very descriptive good use of words and i dont know how you remeber all of that when you didnt take any notes. it takes my mind and body to a state where i feel that i was actualy there.

  • simon 5 years ago

    Thanks, Megan, for a great review and some wonderful shots of the band.
    Just so you know...the dance moves were typical old school (by that I mean 1979) Mod/Northern Soul dance moves. Nothing modern about me!
    Hope to see you again soon, thanks again.

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