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King Dedede joins the Super Smash Bros roster

Nintendo is doing a pretty darn good job of releasing information on new upcoming challengers for their new Super Smash Bros game. Here's to hoping that Super Smash Bros will receive a better name than Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS. With Dedede announced, one can only begin to wonder which Brawl characters will be kept and which ones will be dropped. Let the speculation commence.

In any case, here are all the fighters announced so far:

  1. Bowser
  2. Donkey Kong
  3. Fox McCloud
  4. Kirby
  5. Link
  6. Luigi
  7. Mario
  8. Marth
  9. Mega Man
  10. Pikachu
  11. Olimar
  12. Pit
  13. Princess Peach
  14. Rosalina
  15. Samus
  16. Sonic
  17. Toon Link
  18. Villager
  19. Wii Fit Trainer
  20. Zelda

Also, it'd be nice if all the clone characters have different movesets. I'm looking at you, Toon Link.

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