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King Cake Baby: Before Pierre the Pelican, the NBA had terrifying King Cake Baby

KIng Cake Baby... Yikes.

The King Cake baby is back, stalking basketball courts and haunting dreams of NBA fans everywhere. Apparently the New Orleans’ NBA team, the Pelicans, have taken a break from their scary looking mascot bird Pierre the Pelican, but have now taken creepy to a whole new level with the King Cake Baby.

Yahoo! Sports on Monday called the King Cake Baby a “nightmarish tradition,” and explained how Twitter has lit up over creepy images of the bloated, oversized plastic baby.

“Search for King Cake Baby on Twitter and you will find a large number of tweets that include the word ‘nightmare,’ descriptions like ‘hauntingly weird’ and a general sense that many people will be losing sleep over a shared experience… The spirited outcry is a reaction to the return of an NBA mascot — the New Orleans Pelicans seasonal oddity, King Cake Baby,” writes Angela Sun from Yahoo! Sports.

The New Orleans Pelicans unveiled their new mascot, Pierre the Pelican, just before the start of the 2014 season, to coincide with their name change from the Hornets to the Pelicans, a gulf coast bird.

That’s all fine, but why a freakish baby with sagging skin, a pig nose and Poltergeist eyes?

Kurt Helin of Pro Basketball Talk explained that “King Cake is a New Orleans tradition where a small plastic baby figurine (less than an inch long) is cooked inside a cake during Mardi Gras and the person that finds it is bestowed with good luck.”

So with Mardi Gras coming up next week, the Pelicans brought back their three seasonal mascots traditionally used by the Hornets to celebrate the beginning of the New Orleans' festivities — the King, the Jester and the King Cake Baby, "a gigantic personification of the plastic baby often hidden inside the seasonal treat said to represent Baby Jesus," says Yahoo.

Somehow, knowing the explanation doesn’t make it any better. And please tell me how that outlandish, mini-golf decoration gone wild resembles the Christ? Just keep that thing away from me and my family.

Twitter agrees. A sampling:

I mean, I just have no words. None. I think “IT” is staring at me. #KingCakeBaby@wwltvsports

King Cake Baby pretty much ensures I'll never sleep again. – @TanyaBondurant

So I'm for sure going to have nightmares about King Cake Baby. @ Smoothie King Center

Pierre the Pelican is not the first terrifying New Orleans mascot. Meet King Cake Baby:

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