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King Barack decrees Obamadon'tCare about your job

Acting as lawmaker in violation of the Constitution, Obama decreed imperial edicts changing ObamaCare at will.  Every change is an impeachable offense, but GOP leaders are impotent in the face of Obama's race.
The People's

Obama is keeping his promise to fundamentally transform the country. Obama’s New American Dream is to not to work hard and prosper, but to not work at all and live as parasites off of your neighbor’s taxes. Imposing another edict on business, Obama demands that any of them that reduce their employees because of ObamaCare must sign a denial that they are reducing their employees because of ObamaCare or be held criminally liable to his imperial majesty.

Democrats liberated from working so they can live off of Republican taxpayers

Stalinist lawlessness of the Obama regime

Having double the national debt, Democrats have been given a blank check by the GOP leaders who wish to avoid another public relations war like last October because they lose in the liberal media every time. Republicans who joined Democrats in blaming the TEA Party are now every bit as complicit and guilty of bankrupting this nation as Obama is, who declared that raising the debt limit did not mean increasing the debt, which earned him four pinnochios. Those who remained steadfast within the TEA Party are now the only Americans still fighting for America’s Constitution as King Barry shreds the document by committing repeatable impeachable offenses with impunity because he’s black.

America’s unCivil War 2014

This is what America gets when they elect a bunch of niggardly cokeheads to run the country into the ground. Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid lauded Boehner’s capitulation saying, “the TEA Party is capable of anything,” while some of his cohorts condemned Boehner for not leading more Republicans through the wide gate. America is prepared to give King Barack I his coronation in November of this year when they elect Democrats to be their overlords and steal from the rich to bring them down and eliminate income inequality the socialist way.

Conversation with welfare recipient

Americans are living Aesop’s fable of the “Ant and the Grasshopper” as re-written by satirists in which the lazy grasshopper steals the food from the industrious ant.

Obama is the scorpion on America’s back