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Kinetix at the Bluebird - 10/1/10

Kinetix at Red Rocks
Kinetix at Red Rocks
Courtesy of Kinetix

Local band made good, Kinetix, is coming to the Bluebird this Friday (10/1/10) on the "Sorry for Partying" tour along with other new rock acts, Roster McCabe and The Brew. This is a 16 & up show with doors opening at 8PM and show starting at 9. Tickets are $12 in advance; $14 at the door.

Kinetix is playing in support of their new album, Let Me In - where they sold out the Bluebird Theatre just four months ago for their CD release show. Uniting three of the most promising live acts from across the country (CO's Kinetix, MN's Roster McCabe & MA's The Brew), "Sorry for Partying" is a showcase of the young-and-hungry musicians that you're bound to hear from - if you haven't already - all three bands tour avidly and have been featured in many of the country's most prestigious summer festivals.

I was able to get a little Q&A in with Josh Fairman (kinetix's bassist) about what it has taken to get this far...

Q: How long did it take Kinetix to get from fledgling band to touring act? How long have you been touring and to what extent?

Josh: We started as a band in 2005 playing bars and parties and by about 2006 we started playing around the country, stopping in all our hometowns and surrounding areas. So the tours started off being 2 weeks or so, 10 shows and would stretch from Denver to the East Coast and back. Within a couple of years we started expanding to 10 week tours from coast to coast. We've been grinding hard for the last five years to really establish ourselves a national act.

Q: Can you describe some of the more important factors that have contributed to the band's success? Was there a certain tipping point for Kinetix?

Josh: I think one of the main factors is our energy on stage. We try to put everything we have out there on stage. If it's a rockin’ song then we are gonna go as hard as we can, and if it's time for the dance party we're gonna try to get stinky funky ya know. Our general love for music also helps a lot. When you’re on the road playing 50 shows in two months you have to love playing music. There isn't anything else we would rather do. I think a tipping point for us was when we started playing Music festivals like 10klf, Summer Camp, and Wakarusa. These festivals really help us get out to new people that dig music like ours.

Q: Have there been any major mistakes along the way? Care to share?

Josh: Yea, we bought a very expensive light rig from another Colorado act who will remain unnamed. When we got it from them it wasn't all there let alone working. We spent a ton of money on a pile of junk. We just wanted the show to look good, but we were had. Now we hire the pros and leave it to them. We were also banned from a bowling alley because we played "Killing In The Name Of." The guy was like, "that was awesome, but you know you all can never play here again. This is a family establishment." I'm actually still not sure if it was a mistake or not.

Q: LOL - What's the most important thing you take with you on the road?

Josh: Besides my bass…Probably a good pair of jeans, cause you might as well live in them on tour.

Q: What do you think other Denver bands need to do to help them reach similar success?

Josh: Make every show they play the best it can be, and stop trying to worry about image and just play from the heart.

Q: What does the future hold for Kinetix?

Josh: Great things I hope. We will continue to make new music and stretch our limits as musicians and song writers. And we will definitely be touring all over this great country and maybe even a few others a well. Many more good times to come.


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