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'Kinect Sports Rivals' will offer competitive play for the hardcore crowd

Kinect Sports Rivals will offer expanded competitive features
Kinect Sports Rivals will offer expanded competitive features
Rare Studios

Motion controls may have risen to popularity with the 2006 launch of Nintendo's Wii, but some hardcore gamers are still finding it difficult to take motion-based gameplay seriously. This is partly due to a history of inaccurate and unresponsive controls, as well as the casual, easy-going nature of these titles. published an interview yesterday that they had with Drew Quakenbush, Rare's director of studio operations, where they discussed the upcoming Kinect Sports Rivals, and how the developer plans on bringing the hardcore crowd to this Xbox One title.

We've put in a large competitive aspect wrapping around the entire game. So game progression isn't as flat and linear or disjointed as it was in previous games where you just jump from one map to another. We've built a large meta game around it that has a really social competitive atmosphere as well.

Quakenbush went on to state that, in a similar fashion to Forza 5's 'drivatar' feature, player avatars will be able to compete online on their own, with the AI using similar strategies to that of the actual player. The emphasis on competitive play may lead to more of the hardcore market taking this franchise seriously, and the Kinect 2.0's upgraded capabilities will ease up complaints regarding inaccurate controls. Kinect Sports Rivals is set to launch for the Xbox One on April 8th.

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