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Kinect for Xbox 360

Since the release of the Nintendo Wii and a new desire to get in shape while having fun with video games, console companies have been looking for ways to make games more active and interactive. Kinect drives this to a whole new level by adding a new element of game play that gets everybody up and moving.

Coming in November of this year (2010), the Kinect is an interactive game feature that can be added to any Xbox 360 console. Additionally, it is controller free as well which means dead are the days of throwing the controllers into the TV, smashing out windows and the uncomfortable wrist straps that everyone has come to expect with games of this nature.

Microsoft will be adding an extra promotional value to their "Kinect Adventures" game that comes included with the Kinect for all people who pre-order the Kinect: 3 bonus game levels. Click here to visit a list of participating retailers.

System Requirements:

  • Just 190 MB of storage on your existing Xbox 360 console


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