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Kindred Spirit: Great tea combinations sold locally part two

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When it comes to tea blends, a simple technique to evaluate a blend is to count the number of herbs that are used for flavor and synergy, such as lemons, mints, sweets, flowers, fruits and berries and see what is left over. Then, look up the blends that are left over.

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Many complex blends are really simple blends with a greater number of lemons, mints, sweets, flowers, fruits, and berries. If the majority of the herbs in a complex blend are unknown to you, then don’t use the standards for flavor and synergy, consider that blend a “complicated blend.”

If one does not understand what herbs are being used in the blend, then do not use it. This specialty should be overseen by a qualified professional.

Also, if one drinks a complicated blend and it works, what made it work? Which herb in the tea made it work for you?

When the number of herbs increases in a blend, the dose of each herb is reduced. In ready-made blends, the standard doze for the entire tea is still one teaspoonful. For example, if there are sixteen herbs in a blend, the dose of each herb has to be divided into sixteen pieces and not necessarily equal parts. Using too many herbs can dilute the remedy.

So, for domestic use, the simpler blends, the ones with fewer herbs, will probably provide the best, overall effect.

The tea blends listed in part one all had five or less herbs used. The tea blends listed below have either six or seven herbs and can still be consider more of a simpler blend, since they contain less than ten.

The following is a list of these herbal tea blends sold at Kindred Spirit:

Elder Wisdom Tea contains lemon peel, dandelion leaf, peppermint, *chamomile, elder flower and nettle leaf.

Lemon Twist Tea contains hibiscus, lemon verbena, chicory, lemon grass, rose hips, lemon balm and lemon peel.

Mama’s Breaktime Tea contains jasmine green tea, milk thistle seed, black cohosh, chaste tree berry, wild yam root, and red raspberry leaf.

*Stay away from chamomile is one has a ragweed allergy.

The Kindred Spirit is located at 2354 E. Little Creek Road in Norfolk, Virginia.

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*Remember drinking a tea for a specific purpose takes time. It does not happen overnight.