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Kindred Spirit: Great tea combinations sold locally part one

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When it comes to ready-made blends, one can find a selection at the Kindred Spirit located at 2354 E. Little Creek Road in Norfolk, Virginia. A good general rule to follow when selecting a tea blend is that the simpler the blend, the easier it is to research the ingredients.

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It is essential to know the nature of each herb in a blend before one buys it. A few minutes of research can make a big difference in the remedy one chooses. It helps one to make an informed choice, and makes it less likely that you will find something you do not like about the blend after you break open the bag or the box and steep your first cup.

Simple blends with one-to-five herbs have been standards for years and have provided people with pleasant-tasting teas for common disorders such as colds, flu, sleeplessness, PMS, arthritis and rheumatism.

However, new breeds of simple blends are appearing every year, with modern desires in mind, such as energy, vitality, antiaging, immunity, and relief from digestive disorders, anxiety, and depression.

As a rule, simple blends rely on tried-and-true herbs that will appeal to the greatest number of people and have the most wholesome ingredients. One or two herbs in the blend will be the primary healing ingredients, with additional herbs to enhance the flavor and synergy, to make the tea pleasing to the greatest number of people.

The following are some tea blends (with five or less herbs) sold at the Kindred Spirit:

Baby Girl’s Pride contains hibiscus, catnip, red raspberry leaf, red clover, and lemon balm.

Midnight Meadow Tea contains *chamomile, lavender, fennel, and ginger.

Mike’s Musing Tea contains rose petals and buds, *chamomile flower, orange peel, pomegranate fruit powder.

Relaxing Moment Tea contains *chamomile, red raspberry leaf, and peppermint leaf.

Taj’s Temple Tea contains dandelion, rose hips, *chamomile, red clover, and hibiscus.

*Stay away from chamomile if you are allergic to ragweed.

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*Remember drinking a tea for a specific purpose takes time. It does not happen overnight.