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Kindness Ranch seeks help for 19 dogs used in laboratory research

Kindness Ranch, an animal sanctuary that takes in former research and laboratory animals, is urgently seeking foster assistance for 19 dogs being released from a laboratory in Colorado. Due to limited space, Kindness Ranch needs rescue groups or foster homes in Colorado who can accept dogs by January 31, 2014.

Gordon, an 8-year-old beagle, came to Kindness Ranch after being used in a drug absorption study.
Kindness Ranch, American Sanctuary for Research Animals

The dogs are large hound or Labrador mixes, ranging in size from 50-100 pounds. They are young, between one and two years old, and although some are shy with new people and places, they are generally social and friendly and have been around other dogs.

If you’ve ever had a companion animal of your own, you know the incredible healing power of gentle hands and loving hearts. In the case of research animals this power is especially potent.
Dr. David Groobman, Founder, Kindness Ranch — American Sanctuary for Research Animals

Laboratory dogs may often come with extra challenges, but Stephanie Bilbro, Companion Animal Manager at Kindness Ranch, says the vast majority of them can grow to be wonderful family pets given the right care. “Think of these dogs as puppies in adult bodies,” Bilbro explains. “They need leash training, they may chew, but the ‘ah-ha!’ moments are great.”

In addition to providing sanctuary and rehabilitation for dogs used in laboratory research, Kindness Ranch accepts cats and farm animals, such as horses, pigs and sheep, used for research. The ranch also maintains an adoption program for rehabilitated animals. Animals who are too debilitated, old or ill to be adopted can remain on the ranch to live out their days in the care of dedicated staff and volunteers.

For more information on fostering the rescued laboratory dogs, or if you have any questions, send an email to Kindness Ranch.

Kindness Ranch
American Sanctuary for Research Animals

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