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Kindness never hurt any relationship!

If the only time you show your feelings of love to your partner is while your trying to seduce him or her or during sex, it will likely become less believable, but if you are showing your loving feelings after the act during a warm and relaxing afterglow, or spontaneously during the day or night. it will be a lot more convincing. And being nice to your partner the rest of the time can only make your partner look forward to more love making and strengthen your relationship. Foreplay starts long before you enter the bedroom; probably right after you’ve finished your last love making, during the period of afterglow. Being nice is being a caring help mate; helping with the home chores, the dishes, cooking an occasional meal, volunteer to do some of the shopping, vacuuming and all those drudgeries that your mate probably doesn’t enjoy doing any more than you do, especially if he or she works outside of the home as most of us do. Share in the raising of the kids if they're still in the home, and don’t leave the hard love to just one of you.

A simple hug, pat on the back or a touch in passing says a lot to your partner, makes him or her know that you feel affectionate even when outside of the bedroom. A peck on the cheek or a full blown kiss for no special reason except that it’s just an expression of your continuous love can be immensely pleasing to your partner. Holding hands or an arm around the waist sends a very endearing message to the person you love and send a message that he or she is not only your lover but your best friend as well.

Being nice to the person you love should be easy and something you want to do more than anything else. Learn to express your feelings in both words and body language. A smile at your partner across a room or just lighting up when he or she enters a room speaks volumes, just as the twinkle in your partner’s eyes delights you when he or she catches your eye. Remember how you felt when you first started courting? Things should be no different now.

Make it a point to remember important dates, birthdays, various anniversaries and not just wedding anniversaries like when you first met, first made love, got engaged or committed to each other. It lets your partner know these were important days to you. Being nice doesn’t mean you have to buy an expensive gift just an acknowledgment of the remembered event may do the trick.

Learn to pick up after yourself. No partner likes constantly to pick up after a messy lover. When you take off your socks or underwear, throw them in the hamper instead of leaving them on the floor to be picked up by your lover. And when you get the chance, pick up after your partner if by chance he or she has dropped or left something behind. It’s such a little thing to be considerate but it goes a long way to earn appreciation and deepen the relationship.

If you’re nice to your partner your partner is bound to think it would be nice to make love to you … and vice versa.

Next to being nice is saying kind words to and about your partner. Belittling your partner is not the way to endear yourself. This seems only logical, but too often we say hurtful things not intentionally but thoughtlessly, not a good way to get your partner to warm toward you. The wiser choice is to make it a habit to brag about your partner, “Boy is she a great cook.” “He’s so thoughtful to help around the house when he knows I’m tired.” There’s an old saying, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” There are no truer words when it comes to your lover.

Kind words needn’t only be said to others, your lover will appreciate hearing them too. “You’re as beautiful as the day I met you!” “I really do adore you more and more each day…” “I’m the luckiest guy alive to have you.” Don’t keep your positive feelings to yourself. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make suggestions for improvement, but make them in a constructive way, not as a criticism. We can all stand some occasional improvement and constructive communication is a must between partners, but constructive suggestions should be lavishly surrounded with complementary remarks. See - Read, Foreplay ... the real focus of Great sex!

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