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Kindle Fire reigns supreme, says ComScore Inc

Kindle Fire is outselling all other Android tablets by large margin.
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Digital media site comScore Inc has released some interesting figures in the digital world, for the first quarters -- Amazon's Kindle Fire has managed to grab over 50% of the Android tablet market.

The Kindle Fire leads with 54.4% of the market, a huge margin considering that its closest competitor is the Samsung Galaxy with 15.4%.

According to Amazon, Lexington remains one of the biggest markets for all of the Kindle products, and is actually number one in the country for first quarter sales. Research shows that while Amazon doesn't maintain a physical store front in the city -- like its two main competitors, Barnes & Noble and Apple -- more stores sell the Kindle devices than the other two. And Amazon maintains a warehouse here, on Mercer Road, which also helps garner word of mouth.

So far, Amazon has been the giant to beat. As ereaders become more popular and ebooks become a smarter buy, thanks to competitive pricing, Amazon's Kindle has been at the top of the list consistently. The Kindle was the first device to debut in 2007. It has a better track record with consumers and better reviews with consumer groups. Pricing of the Kindle Fire ($199.00) made it a more desirable device to the Apple iPad ($399.00). Kindles have also been priced below the Nook, which has been more of a poor cousin to the ereader family.

But now Microsoft has partnered with Barnes & Noble to develop and market the Nook, which is also an Android device but sales of the device didn't register on comScore's statistics. This could heat up into an intense battle because Microsoft has pledged $605 million to develop a Nook tablet that could provide some serious competition.

Lexington, do you have a Kindle Fire or other ereading device? How do you use your tablet device? Do you prefer it over reading print copies of books? If you don’t have an ereader, tell me why. Tell me in the comments what you think; I want to know.

If you're looking for a Kindle Fire, Nook, or iPad, you can find them locally through Best Buy in either the Hamburg Pavilion Shopping Center or on Nicholasville Road, near the New Circle Road exit. You can find the Nook locally from Barnes & Noble in the Hamburg Pavilion Shopping Center. You can find the Apple iPad at the Apple Store in the Fayette Mall on Nicholasville Road.

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