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Kindle Fire HDX is the best tablet for pure value

Not too long ago, the Kindle Fire HDX was released by Amazon and took the tablet world by storm. It came out swinging, featuring a wowing and speedy processor, a 2.2 GHz quad-core coupled with a whopping 2 GB of RAM. This allows the tablet to fly though your every day needs without the user noticing a hiccup. The addition of such a powerful processor allows the user to play advanced tablet games or multi-task without an issue.

The screen of the tablet is seven inches, a 1920x1200 display. It features excellent quality in high definition videos and games for the user's media needs. The screen is back lit and able to keep the screen readable for when reading downloaded books off of the Amazon store.

One of the newest features in customer service is the "Mayday" button. Simply put, if the user is having an issue with their Kindle Fire HDX, they can simply hit the Mayday button and are almost immediately connected with a representative from Amazon. This kind of customer service is unheard of, not only in the tablet industry but in all of the electronic world.

Other than the processor, the best feature of the Kindle Fire HDX may just be the way it works in unison with Amazon Prime users. Because Prime features a video streaming service similar to Netflix, users with a Kindle Fire HDX who are also Amazon Prime members can stream directly to their tablet as well as download the title as well.

The biggest downside of the tablet is the mere 16 GB of storage, though this can be upgraded for a slight increase in money.

Why should the user choose this tablet over another?

Well the greatest argument could be made for the closest competitor of the Kindle Fire HDX, the Google Nexus 7 tablet. Both have similar prices but the Kindle Fire HDX processor is faster and more powerful. Other than that the two are quite similar, but for the price, why not go for the stronger tablet?

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