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Kindergartners caught 'having sex' at school causes teacher to be suspended

School bus
School bus
Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

In shocking news, two Kindergartners were caught "having sex" in the bathroom at school and now the teacher is in a lot of trouble. According to Daily Mail on Feb. 23, this teacher has been doing this job for 15 years but she could lose it now.

These children were just five-years-old. They were found in the bathroom at Mullica Township, New Jersey. The incident happened back in September but they were able to keep it out of the news until now. The kids were naked in the bathroom together and said that they were "having sex." It is not being reported what was actually going in with the kids.

The teacher Kelly Mascio told the principal right away but she was suspended after it happened. No criminal charges were filed at all against her. She may end up losing her job over it all but right now she is suspended with pay so she doesn't have it too bad yet.